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  • Packed with 3 disguise glasses with 6 paper blowouts, 4 kiddie shutter shade toy glasses, 6 hand clippers, 12 animal stamps, 6 sticky hands, 6 sticky wall climbers, 12 bouncing balls, 6 flying stretch frogs, and 12 2.5" dinosaurs, 12 8" flying glider planes, 15 2" plastic soldiers, and 3 4" paratroopers, and 4 plastic wind-up race cars.
  • Super value high-quality boys' toys assortment is perfect for anyone. Teachers can use them as students’ classroom prizes in their rewards box. Parents can use it as rewards or gifts. Doctors and dentists can use them in children's playrooms. Kids will love these prizes and the parents will love this great alternative to candy.
  • Toys Meet or exceed U.S. Toy Safety Standards.
  • Item #: 10140

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