Fake Mustaches 72-Piece Set

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  • Our Fake Mustaches 72-Piece Set includes 6 glow-in-the-dark effect mustaches, 18 regular black mustaches, 19 coffee brown mustaches, 23 cream-colored mustaches, and 6 green St. Patrick’s Day beard. It comes in 20 different styles — Stache O’ Mania, Disco Dave, Crumb Catcher, Rollin’ Rollie, Wild Bill, Lampshade, Handle Bars, The Party Boy, The Dali, Pencil, Imperial, Walrus, Chevron, Toothbrush Mustache, Hungarian and more.
  • Realistic looking — made from fiber. Mustaches are very easy to apply by peeling off the backing paper and press in place. It's also easy to remove by just peeling off slowly.
  • Item Number: 10578